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Ready, Steady, Retire! retirement planning book

A meaningful retirement is worth planning for, but it doesn’t happen by accident.

Co-authored and published in 2014 by MFP’s Justin King, Ready, Steady, Retire! Plan Your Way to Success in a Redefined Retirement deals with the misnomer that retirement is exclusively an economic event.

The book guides those thinking of retiring through the minefield of planning for a successful and fulfilling retirement, and coping with the unforeseen.

Ready, Steady, Retire! is available to buy from Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions.

Available to buy now:


Do you want to start planning for your retirement, but don’t know where to start? Download your free copy of Ready, Steady, Retire! and allow Justin King and Martin Bamford to take you through the key stages of retirement planning. Simply click to enter your email address and a free PDF copy is yours.

Ready, Steady, Retire! is an important book. Bamford and King’s deep understanding of the unique set of opportunities and challenges facing Baby Boomers has enabled them to deal frankly with the issues and provide clear action steps for a successful retirement.

Everyone over 50 should read this book. Scratch that. Everyone over 35 should read this book.

Pete Matthew

Creator of the MeaningfulMoney Podcast, MD of Jacksons Wealth Management

Ready, Steady, Retire! is likely to encourage retirees to create a more comprehensive plan for the years after work.

The authors also look beyond the financial elements of retirement by encouraging readers to think about issues such as relationships, health and fulfilment.

It features case studies and interviews with industry experts, and sets out practical solutions to deal with the challenges facing retirees.

Tessa Norman

Finance Journalist and Reporter, Money Marketing

As a baby boomer approaching retirement, I found the book fascinating and also very thought provoking, relevant, and comprehensive about issues facing me and my family.

Lots of good advice and lots of topics raised to think about. A pleasant reminder that at 60 we could have 30 or even 40 years left; and this book could help make that period more secure and enjoyable.

Peter Crane

Amazon Customer

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Retirement Planning Books MFP Wealth Management

Retirement Planning Books MFP Wealth Management

Retirement Planning Books MFP Wealth Management