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Our plans and investment solutions are built for the long term

Investing in Retirement

Most financial advisers will claim that their investment solutions are bespoke. But we believe in putting substance to the phrase. And the only way to create a tailored investment plan is to measure you thoroughly.

Your investment plan is wholly driven by your financial plan. Having established what your retirement will look like and what level of assets you have to fund your personal vision of retirement, we design an investment solution to achieve those goals. Our investment advice is designed for the long-term and your investment plan is designed for your lifetime.

Combatting the risk of inflation eroding the real value of your wealth is one of the primary reasons for investing. In fact, the only way to protect against these effects of inflation is to try and capture investment returns that exceed the rate of inflation.


Our investment philosophy

Rather than playing an expensive game based on information over which we have little control, we recommend investing according to market factors that we can expect to control such as minimising costs, capturing returns and diversifying holdings.

Our investment solutions are evidence-based and substantiated by world-leading academics and financial economists. In fact, our approach to investment has the backing of a Nobel Laureate for Economics.


Our Five Investment Principles

  1. Don’t try to predict the future: successful investing does not require the ability to predict the future. Investment managers can’t predict the future – and neither can we. We don’t believe in crystal balls.
  2. Maintain investment discipline: Our investment approach ensures that we provide you with the investment discipline required to realise your investment goals – over the long-term.
  3. Diversify and keep costs low: Our investment portfolios expose you to a diversified array of asset classes, in a range of low cost funds that we believe will deliver long-term returns.
  4. Investing is only a means to an end: Our investment invoice, and hence your portfolio, will always be aligned to your personal financial planning priorities.
  5. Risk and return are related: Risk – or volatility – is required to achieve a return. There is never an increased return without a corresponding increase in risk. We help you identify what level of investment risk is acceptable for you.


The value of investment advice

Research proves that investors that stick to a disciplined approach with coaching from a wealth manager achieve significantly better returns than those who take no advice. The performance gap is as much as 4%.

That is because ignoring the media noise and maintaining investment discipline is challenging. But it is fundamental to a successful investing experience. So once we’ve designed an investment plan that’s aligned to both your personal financial goals and your emotional needs, we help you stay on track. In a nutshell, we help you avoid making inappropriate investment decisions and adhere to a strategy that’s right for you.

Our ongoing investment advice gives you the best chance of a successful investing experience, and ultimately a successful retirement.