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Winners of the FT Adviser Life & Pensions Firm of the Year 2015

Award-winning independent pension and retirement advisers

MFP Wealth Management was founded by Chartered Wealth Manager, Justin King, with a vision of creating a wealth management consultancy that actually makes planning for retirement a pleasant experience.

You need to make sure that the people you entrust your future to are worthy of your time and money. We set out to be those people.

We believe you should be demanding. After all we’re talking about managing significant wealth, which requires the highest level of expertise and experience.


We have the qualifications and accreditations¬†in abundance and over 25 years’ experience.

Whilst we are selective about the number of people we work with, we’re hugely passionate about helping those we think will really benefit from our pensions advice and retirement planning.

Why not come and see us. Over a coffee we’ll put your mind at ease about retirement and making the most of your wealth.

Pensions and Retirement Planning specialists

Our team of talented and highly qualified professionals each brings their own unique set of skills and experience, which enables us to provide our inimitable approach to pensions and retirement planning advice.

Wealth Management expertise, awards and credentials

Our Financial Management Partners

We work with carefully selected organisations, considered elite in their field of expertise, to provide expert tailored pensions and retirement advice that gives you complete financial peace of mind.

Cats Compliance and Training Solutions
Dimensional Pension Fund Advisers
EBI Evidence Based Investments and Planning
Financial Planning Expert Analytics
Nucleus Investment Pension providers
Transact Investment and Pensions Providers
Vanguard Investment and Wealth Management
Wealthtime Dynamic Financial Technology and Pensions