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We understand what it takes to help successful individuals retire with complete confidence. Please explore our videos and literature, which have been created to help you manage, protect and transfer your wealth for peace of mind in retirement.

Our Guides to a Successful Retirement

We have created a range of easy to digest guides to provide additional information about topics that might be relevant to your retirement planning. To download the guides, simply click the relevant image.

State Pension Video series

Your State Pension may be a key piece of your retirement income jigsaw. Getting hold of an entitlement forecast understanding it then knowing what action is take is not straightforward. This series of videos will leave you feeling more informed about your State Pension entitlement and options.

Retirement Life Videos

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Hangout with the Experts Video Series

We understand what it takes to help successful individuals retire with complete financial confidence. That’s why we have created our Hangout with the Experts video series.

In these videos we bring you insight from other experts in the retirement community on topics as wide ranging as tax planning to finding a good care home, so you can plan for your own successful retirement.

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Boom! Award Winning Documentary

Justin is the executive producer of award-winning documentary: Boom! Demographics are Destiny. Narrated by prize-winning personal finance journalist Paul Lewis, Boom! Demographics Are Destiny answers the big questions about retirement in the UK today.

The documentary explores how Baby Boomers are redefining the ‘second act’, leading a long and active retirement, and addressing the challenges created by living longer but not necessarily healthier lives.

Featuring expert commentators and innovative events designed to uncover the true story of Baby Boomers entering retirement, Boom! Demographics Are Destiny might be the most important movie you ever watch about your money, society and a whole generation continuing to change the world.