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The transition into retirement has to be one of the most significant transitions you will face.

I have long since recognised that retiring isn’t purely a financial event, it’s one of those life-changing events that requires you to plan, to adapt and to address new challenges and opportunities face on.

Which is why we launched The Retirement Café 18 months ago.

Over that time, we held a series of Retirement Café events designed to provide information and guidance to local people to help them feel more confident and informed in retirement.

But I wanted to do more and to reach more people.


So …. Now we are launching The Retirement Café Podcast


As host, I will bring you weekly interviews with tips, information and guidance to help you feel more able to tackle the issues and opportunities that come your way in retirement. And to ultimately feel more The Retirement Café set to launch with host Justin King MFP Wealth Managementinformed and confident about all aspects of retirement life.

Each week you can listen to all episodes – new and old – on our website or on your preferred podcast player. To find us on any of the major podcast players, simply search for The Retirement Café Podcast.

So for now, why not listen to this pre-launch episode where I can explain what you can expect from this podcast.


If you have guest suggestions, please let me know and I look forward to sharing the first of many episodes with you soon.

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