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Time to retire

At 60, Peter decided to retire from his local council senior management position but was uncertain whether he would have sufficient income to be able to enjoy the retirement he had dreamed of. He was looking for a financial adviser who specialised in providing retirement advice to ensure he made smart choices about his pensions, whilst enhancing and protecting his investments in retirement. And he was willing to travel to the Bournemouth area of Dorset to get the right advice

What makes for a successful retirement?

Having spent quite some time talking to Peter about what he envisaged his retirement to look like, we helped him prioritise his goals and dreams. A successful retirement to Peter consisted of setting up a business consultancy, travelling to exotic places and mastering his culinary skills. These plans required capital, so together we devised a wealth management strategy that would ensure his and his wife’s financial security in retirement, and importantly his ability to fulfil his goals.

We built a financial plan, which projected the couple’s income and expenditure requirements throughout their lifetime, and enabled us to advise on how best they should structure their pensions and other retirement investments to fund the income needed.

Financial security in retirement

As a result of the retirement planning advice we provided and our on-going work together over the past six years Peter feels confident about taking control of his retirement. His primary lifestyle goals and motivations behind them have been successfully clarified, and a retirement action plan created to make change happen. Peter has set up his consultancy, completed a number of cookery courses and regularly sends us postcards from his travels!


Justin is nothing short of remarkable. He is guided by a philosophy of service, integrity, and respect. I admire his conscientious effort and commitment to building long term relationships based on excellence, trust and integrity.

I am now confident and comfortable about taking control of my retirement particularly having clarified my short term, medium term and long-term goals. I highly recommend him as an honest, caring and very astute financial adviser


Former CEO, Lawyer, West Midlands