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As fundamental as asset classes are to investing, it often makes sense to include commercial property investments in a globally diversified portfolio. But current market conditions may be challenging your resolve – especially with the recently publicised sell-off in U.K. Open Ended Property funds, which has led to some fund managers applying exit penalties and suspending trading.

Is an allocation to commercial property still appropriate for your portfolio? Unless your own goals have changed, our advice remains unchanged. As with any investment, there are better and worse ways to go about implementing an otherwise sound strategy … with a lot of misleading misinformation out there to add to the confusion.

To help you continue investing according to your personal financial goals, I’ve included a report, “Reflections on Property Investing,” simply click on the cover to open it. It reviews the essential strategies we suggest for commercial property investing (or any other kind of investing, for that matter):


  • Seek Global Diversification
  • Understand the Risks and Expected Rewards
  • Select an Appropriate Allocation – for You
  • Manage the Costs
  • Adopt a Long-Term Perspective
  • Use Investment Vehicles That Best Complement All of the Above
  • Ask for Help
Reflections on Property Investing MFP Wealth Management

I hope you find the report helpful during these turbulent times. I also invite you to get in touch if I can answer any questions or be of additional assistance.

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