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Exciting progress this week as we are printing the first proof of my new book! Here is an exclusive preview of our insight from Chapter Two: The State of the Nation.

In the UK, as the number of people over 65 continues to double in the next twenty years to over 16 million people – many of whom will require medical and social care – the impact on both our country’s economy and society will be nothing short of unprecedented.

To put these figures into perspective we only need consider the dependency ratio, that is, the number of working adults financing each retired adult. This is shrinking, and shrinking rapidly, which puts the increasing burden of financing pensions and health care costs on fewer and fewer shoulders. Currently, in 2014, there are four people of working age supporting each pensioner in Britain. By 2035, this number is expected to fall to 2.5, and to just two by 2050. That means a twofold increase in the cost-burden for each working person in Britain within one generation – 35 years.

I wrote this book in order to help people plan their way to success in a redefined retirement. Ready, Steady, Retire! will be launched at the exclusive screening of Boom! Demographics Are Destiny at Christchurch’s Regent Centre on 28th November 2014. I hope you can join us for this exciting event.

If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, click here to reserve your complimentary ticket.

Next week I will share a snippet from Chapter Three: How to Retire Successfully.

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