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A picture paints a thousand words MFP Wealth ManagementWe’ve all heard the saying ‘A picture paints a thousand words’,  and I couldn’t agree more.

You will know what a great advocate I am of using visuals to explain technical terms in a way that clients best understand, but my ‘creative space’ has never seemed big enough. I installed a large white board in our office meeting room a few months ago, but even that didn’t allow me the freedom to properly express my ideas.

Creativity unleased

So last month we painted one whole wall of the meeting room in Idea Paint – an innovative clear solution you apply on top of regular paint that you can write on, then erase.

It has transformed how I explore and express my ideas and recommendations. It allows me to get on my feet and map out what we plan to deliver for clients – in a way they can see and grasp much more easily. Ultimately it provides clients with a much more engaging and visual way of discussing their financial planning.

In short, I love it. I just have to make sure the children stay well away, otherwise our walls at home would never look quite the same again!

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