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During your working life, you have probably amassed a number of different pension plans with a variety of different providers. There are many different types of pensions and the rules associated with each plan can vary significantly. You may have an occupational defined benefit pension (often known as a final salary pension), a defined contribution pension, or a personal pension. Whatever plans you have, pension planning is a fundamental component of any retirement plan.

Understanding the technicalities of your pensions, and the options available to you, is an important stage in our Retirement Success ProgrammeTM. Undertaking a thorough pensions review is one of the first things we do that enables us to build your financial plan. This stage ensures we have a thorough knowledge of your personal financial situation.

We answer myriad of questions for each of your pensions:

  • At what age can you draw an income?
  • What pension will you get in retirement?
  • How can you take your pension benefits?
  • Should you enter drawdown?
  • What options are available to you?
  • What are the death benefits for your spouse and beneficiaries?

At this stage of your journey through The Retirement Success Programme TM we also ensure you obtain a State Pension forecast which is incorporated into your financial plan.

Interpreting your pension plans and providing advice

The rate at which pension rules and regulations change can be bewildering to say the least. Few pension plans are the same; however, as pensions specialists we have vast experience of all types of pensions. Whether it’s an occupational pension scheme – defined benefit or defined contribution, a personal pension or an annuity, our expertise in pension planning enables us to take a thorough look at your plans and make recommendations that will help fund the retirement you want.

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