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When I founded MFP almost ten years ago I knew I wanted to bring more to clients’ lives than just advising them on financial products. So, over a number of years, I undertook in-depth training with the Kinder Institute of Life Planning to become one of a handful of Master Life Planners in the UK.

Bringing these skills to our financial planning approach enables me to help you create a Life Plan designed to deliver the most meaningful kind of freedom: The freedom to pursue your passions, wherever they may lead. The money is merely an enabler to allow you to live a fulfilling life.

You and your dreams, your deepest held desires and the things or people that give your life true meaning are at the heart of our approach to financial planning.

Sadly, despite the enormous benefits this holistic approach to financial planning can bring, there are fewer than 100 Registered Life Planners in the UK today. Most IFAs continue to just sell products and don’t consider the person in any great detail.


That’s why this talk was so important.


Thursday’s talk was the first in a series of presentations I will be giving to the IFA clients of investment managers Brooks MacDonald over the coming weeks. Having the opportunity to share my experience of integrating a non-traditional approach to financial planning into a real business – and make it really work – will hopefully inspire some of the 80 IFAs present to break the traditional IFA mould and bring more value to their clients’ lives.

Here’s hoping!

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