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It has frustrated me for some time that we are unable to profitably work with a large part of the community, due to the high cost of regulation and the complexity of the financial services market. The work we do is best suited to more affluent clients with complex financial planning needs.

But equally I have been acutely aware for a while that there is a huge swath of the population that would benefit from more generic financial planning advice, perhaps with more of a slant on goal setting or life planning. These people don’t need our full-blown wealth management service; their needs are not sufficiently complex.

But they would still benefit from help.


An opportunity to help more people

So, in 2018 we are launching a new business aimed to help this community. ‘Justin King Personal Development’ will never provide personal financial planning advice, or provide financial products. Instead, the business aims to help people prioritise their goals and create a plan to achieve them.

It aims to help people address and overcome the challenges that life inevitably throws at us, which can steer us off course at times, or stop us living the life we really wish to lead.

We want to help people move forward and live in fulfilment.


My Financial Life Coach Interview

I was invited to be interviewed for The Financial Planning Training Academy’s podcast recently. It is run by two senior financial planners whose aim is to pass on good practice and train financial advisers in the softer skills required to excel in what they do, by interviewing ‘leading lights in financial services’.

I was interviewed for an hour on how we have consciously designed – and continually improved – our business, why a client’s story is far more important than their money, and why we are launching our personal development business in 2018.

You can listen to my interview via iTunes here. It’s the Financial Coach Interview at the top of the list currently.

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