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Justin trains the next generation of Life Planners MFP Wealth ManagementAs you know I’m passionate about getting to the core of what’s truly important to my clients to make sure I can provide the best possible advice, and ultimately help them live a fulfilled life.  So I was overjoyed to be asked by George Kinder, the guru of Financial Life Planning, to assist him in training the next generation of financial advisers on the ‘Seven Stages of Money Maturity’ course.

This 2-day course is designed to train financial advisers to explore the unexamined territory of ‘perceptions about money’. Where do beliefs about money come from? Why do clients keep them so private? Why are they so persistent even when they are painfully counter-productive? How can advisers sensitively and professionally help clients bring to the surface their closely-guarded dreams and aspirations?

It was a fascinating couple of days and a privilege to work alongside the best, and to help more IFAs learn how to get under the skin of what’s truly important to others.  I hope more advisers put this approach at the core of their financial planning as we have at MFP.

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