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I have become one of nine independent financial advisers who are setting up a new financial education charity.

The Charity Commission is currently in the process of deciding whether to grant the Financial Life Planning Foundation charitable status and should do so within the next month.

We as trustees plan to set up a website and start offering financial life planning advice for free to members of the public through online webinars, and in addition to hold workshops around the country.

I, along with the other trustees, am passionate about helping people identify their vision or core goals in life, and want to be able to help more people to do so.  Financial Life Planning differs from traditional financial advice because it takes a much more personal approach and really looks at the needs and deepest desires of the individual, before event talking about finances.

Start-up funding has been provided by banking and financial services organisation UBS but the new organisation will begin looking for other funding sources once it has been approved.

The project started in October 2009 as a group of six financial planners, entitled Project Eve. There are now nine trustees for the proposed charity and its chairman is former Helm Godfrey managing director Bruce Wilson.

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