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On 9th June 2020 Justin was invited to share his experience of building a successful financial planning practice on The Adviser Gap podcast.

Hosts James Mousley and Sean Banks entitled the conversation ‘Listen More, Talk Less and the power of inquiry’.

This podcast is designed to help those who want to bridge the knowledge, skills and experience gap and begin their journey towards a career as a financial adviser. They help people to find the right path and inspire high quality individuals to pursue a career in the financial advising profession.

Host James Mousely commented “Justin has a fascinating story to tell and is one of the most interesting characters in the world of financial planning today. This is a MUST listen for anyone who appreciates a great story and wants to go deeper with clients to help fulfil their dreams”.

Take a listen to the episode ‘Listen more, talk less and the power of inquiry’ here.

Justin appears on The Adviser Gap podcast MFP Wealth Management

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