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With income tax reaching 50% – or effectively even more – for some UK residents , including many of my clients, the imperative to consider offshore planning is now very strong. The world of offshore tax and financial planning is an incredibly complex one with many major changes taking place currently that have significant implications for clients.

So to keep fully up to date with the latest legislation – such as HMRC’s Swiss and Liechtenstein amnesties, the proposed new statutory definition of UK tax residence and the new rules that will soon affect non-doms – I attended an Offshore Tax and Planning Conference in January.

The Conference was incredibly informative and thought provoking, attended not only by Wealth Managers, but by Regulators, Lawyers and Tax Advisers.

This is just one example of the type of course I regularly attend to make sure I’m fully up to speed with the latest thinking and legislation (of which there is a lot!) in financial planning. It is incredibly important to me to be able to identify opportunities that benefit my clients so I can approach each of you with specific solutions.

You may not see it, but I am constantly working on your behalf behind the scenes!

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