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Terrifyingly last week I was asked to speak at the Institute of Financial Planning Conference. This year, the annual event was hosted at the Celtic Manor hotel in Newport and received attendance of around 625 Financial Planning Professionals. I had never spoken to so many people on a big stage and was somewhat nervous!

I delivered a presentation to members of the IFP about inspirational Financial Planning and our award winning approach to Wealth Management. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences and enthusiasm for delivering a world class Wealth Management service with other Financial Planners. It was a great opportunity to inspire others to gain more fulfilment from their roles by utilising our unique approach to money and integrating financial life planning into their businesses.

Institute of Financial Planning Conference MFP Wealth Management

I received some encouraging feedback. Sue Whitbread, IFP Communications Director, said: “In terms of the practitioner sessions, highlighted also were Tina Weeks and Justin King. Those were sessions that added a lot of value.” Phew! Looks like I got away with it!

Once I had finished my talk, I managed to enjoy the rest of the conference. I really enjoyed my time at this year’s event, especially attending a Keynote speech by Dr. James. Rouse on the neurobiology of high performance. You can get his book here.

It was a fantastic opportunity to mix and exchange insights with other firms and individuals at the top of the profession.

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