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Inheritance Tax Planning

You have worked hard to accumulate your wealth and want to ensure that it’s unduly taken in Inheritance Tax after you’re gone. Getting inheritance tax planning advice that’s tailored to your personal financial circumstances will help you navigate the ever-changing IHT rules and avoid you being unnecessarily caught out.

Creating an Inheritance Tax Plan

Giving advice on Inheritance Tax planning requires more than just a few quick calculations on how much money will be paid on your estate when you die. Done well, Inheritance Tax planning advice will be one part of a broader estate and legacy plan. We start by helping you create a clear picture of how you want your assets to work after you’re gone, and who you wish to benefit. You may wish to support grandchildren through university, fund a charity that’s dear to your heart, or work out how to pass on your business to the next generation. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own goals and priorities.

In partnership with our carefully selected estate planning solicitors we look at the role of trusts. Trusts can help protect your wealth from irresponsible beneficiaries or provide for vulnerable beneficiaries or children. We work with specialist tax planners to minimise the tax liability on your estate, whilst also ensuring that the wealth you spent a lifetime building is there for you when you need it most, possibly to fund care fees.

Keeping your Inheritance Tax planning and Estate Plan up to date

IHT rules, tax laws and your circumstances can change. Our ongoing Wealth Management service ensures that we review and update your plan regularly to take account of any changes. Giving you peace of mind that your wealth will continue to work hard for you, as you would wish, after you’re gone.

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