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How many January days should pass before it’s time to stop greeting people with a cheery, “Happy New Year”? Apparently, this year’s markets are going to make it difficult for us to maintain the holiday glow for long. If you’re reading the popular press, you’re seeing a lot of storm and fury having to do with China, worldwide oil prices and related global market jitters. As The Daily Telegraph reported, “China escalates emergency stock market intervention.” This seems a strange way for the markets to kick off 2016. Last year had its moments, but it was nothing at all like what we experienced in 2007. What’s going on?

If the gloomy headlines worry you to the point that you are wondering whether you need to “do something,” we hope that the “something” will be to call me right away, so we can discuss what actions – or inactions – are in your best interest. Because I owe you a fiduciary duty to always serve your highest financial interests, it is both my desire and obligation to advise you accordingly. I take that responsibility very seriously, so don’t hesitate to be in touch if you are second-guessing your investment decisions.

If you’re merely curious about the current market climate, we’d also be happy to have a personal conversation with you, to answer any questions you may have. Even though I encourage you to not focus too heavily on the market’s daily activities, as a financial professional, I can’t help but find the intricacies a fascinating topic of conversation. (That probably explains why I’m such a big hit at social gatherings.)

To sum up my stance on the current market conditions, I believe, if anything, it offers us a compelling lesson on just how arbitrary the market can be in the short-term. It’s why I emphasise taking a long-term, evidence-based view, to see your way through the years ahead.

On that note, I wish you a most Happy New Year.

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