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Glowing British Standards reports for MFP MFP Wealth ManagementA year ago we became the first firm in the UK to become certified to the new British Standard for financial planning and advisory firms, BS 8577.  At our second annual Quality Review Assessment this month our assessor commented: “Justin and the firm as a whole remain very professional throughout and the organisational qualities of the firm are excellent.”

An external professional from Standards International spent 2 days questioning us, probing in to how we operate, the values we hold and the service we deliver to our clients.  Numerous client files were checked and policies and procedures scrutinised.

Our report went on to say; “The firm are clearly customer focussed and have a strong code of practice.  The continual improvement of the processes and documentation show excellent organisational practices and clear willingness to keep ahead of the competition and fully in line with both the BS and the ISO standards at all times.”

Glowing British Standards reports for MFP MFP Wealth ManagementWhilst I am very proud that we retained both BS 8577 and my personal financial planner British and International Standard, BS: ISO 22222, what is more important to me than an external assessor evaluating the work we do, is whether our clients feel we do a good job.  We look to you to help us raise our standards far more than we do to external bodies, so if you have any feedback that you feel could help us improve the service we deliver, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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