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This week has been all hands on deck, or all brushes on the walls as it were, in our new office. We have had painters and decorators in throughout the week working hard to bring the space to life.
As promised, the time has come to share with you our new colour scheme. We have opted for a classical dark maroon, charcoal grey and cream as our three main colours. The maroon will be part of a feature wall that you can see in the image above, and will inject pops of colour into the office, for example in our new meeting room chairs.
From Paint Pots to Pension Pots MFP Wealth Management

The next steps in the project are to insert the dividing wall to separate the meeting and office areas, and lay the floor. Once that is all complete, the only challenge left facing us is broadband. It’s proving difficult to get it installed but here’s hoping the broadband gods lend us a favour. We will then begin to furnish our new office and make the big move..all a quarter of a mile of it!

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