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Like many of the people we work with, Nick and Debbie approached retirement with some apprehension.Finding your purpose, the key to a fulfilling retirement - on The Retirement Café Podcast MFP Wealth Management

After many years in the Royal Marines and subsequently in the corporate world, the couple faced a devastating life-changing event that made them re-think their future.

Having been offered an opportunity to take redundancy earlier than planned, Nick and Debbie faced the challenges of creating a new life in retirement in their early 50s. Feeling too young to be truly retired, the couple prefer to call this stage of their lives their ‘active retirement’.

Nick and Debbie discuss how they’ve found their purpose and how important that is for a fulfilling retirement. This involves personal, physical and emotional challenges, and giving back to others.

Their newfound freedom and the right attitude to making the most of retirement means that – in Nick’s words – “every day is a Saturday”.

That’s all happening in episode 003 of The Retirement Café Podcast.  You can listen to Nick and Debbie’s views here now.

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