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Long Term Care Funding

Many of us are looking forward to a long and healthy retirement, but the statistics suggest a high probability of needing some form of care in later life. Whilst it may not be a top priority whilst you or your loved one is fit and well, there are huge benefits of getting advice on funding care fees sooner rather than later. Many people worry about paying for care, but the reality is that most people will be expected to pay something towards the costs. Working out what support you or your loved one may need, what funding you may be eligible for, and ultimately how to fund the care needed can be both complex and distressing.


We provide advice on funding care fees

We help you to unravel the complicated maze of funding options and types of financial assistance available to you. Once we’ve helped you established what level of financial support you may receive from the welfare system, we take a holistic look at your financial circumstances.


Options for funding care fees

By building a lifetime cash flow forecast which takes account of your expected income and projected care fees for the rest of your life, we can illustrate how long your capital and assets will last. For some people, it is worth considering a Lifetime Care Annuity – sometimes also known as an Immediate Need Care Fees Annuity, if the person requiring care is always in receipt of long-term care. A Lifetime Care Annuity is a type of insurance policy that provides a regular income in exchange for an upfront lump sum investment. It will provide a guaranteed income for life to pay for care fees.


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The options for choosing & paying for a care home are complex and vary from person to person, depending upon a number of factors including life expectancy and financial circumstances. To see how we’ve helped other clients, read our Long Term Care Fees Case Study. If you are concerned about paying for care for you or a loved one, download our Choosing & Paying for a Care Home Guide for free by clicking the button below


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