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Baby Boomers account for 20% of the British population and control a staggering 80% of all wealth.

Boom! Demographics are Destiny MFP Wealth Management

Demographics are Destiny

As they approach retirement in huge numbers will they redefine this stage of their lives, as they have done time and time again, or will retirement redefine them?

I am really excited to announce my collaboration with award-winning Chartered Financial Planner Martin Bamford for the production of Boom! Demographics are Destiny, an explorative documentary into the challenges facing Baby Boomers as they approach retirement.

As executive producer of Boom! I will appear in the documentary alongside other experts in the retirement community sharing my experience of  how this unique generation of Boomers are rapidly changing the traditional vision of retirement.

As home to the largest population of retirees in the country, I am thrilled to confirm the Regent Centre in the centre of Christchurch as the official venue for our Boom! screening. The building is an impressive Art Deco style arts centre and theatre which exists at the heart of the community. The Regent Centre opened in 1931 and has maintained a vital role in the community ever since, providing outstanding entertainment and constantly encouraging new technology, being the first arts centre in the UK to embrace Digital Cinema.

The screening will take at lunchtime on Friday 28th November and tickets are priced at £6.00. Information on how to register will follow shortly, along with more news on another exciting project linked to the film.

Watch this short trailer below to find out more about the Boom!

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