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Helping you be more intentional when gifting


Charitable giving should bring great joy and fulfilment. It should make you feel empowered and excited about the good you can do in the world.

But many generous people don’t get as much joy from their giving as they can, simply because they lack quality information on how to choose charities best aligned with their interests.

If you’ve reached the stage where you want to go beyond one-off donations and really understand the issue you’re passionate about and how charitable donations can support it, take a look at Thoughtful Philanthropy.

This charitable giving advisory service helps individuals and families become informed and empowered philanthropists.

They dig into the issues that move you and identify the issue or issues you want to put your time and treasure behind. In a few weeks, they come back to you with a bespoke, well-researched report on the charities working on your chosen issue and their approaches. Where and how much you give is up to you. Their job is just to make you feel really good about where you do choose to give.


Is your money being well spent?


If you donate to a charity that aims to save the polar bear, how do you know it’s being spent wisely?

This is the million-pound question at the moment and, unfortunately, there is no clear answer because the real challenge is that a charity is not a ‘Tesco’. If you look at the financials of Tesco, you can find out what they are paying in and what they are paying out, so you can see their profit margin. They’re delivering on shareholder value.

You look at a charity, and their goal is social change, which does not come out on a balance sheet. It’s very, very difficult to evaluate. There is a movement to do more evaluation of charity work, which is really welcome, but it is really difficult.

At the end of the day, it can be very subjective. Does a charity is working on homelessness for example, spend all of their money on beds for homeless people or do they put their money into mental health and substance abuse support?



Giving more than just your treasure


Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated by charities, but there is so much more you can give – especially in retirement. The tremendous amount of skills that you can give back to the issues you care about is huge.

Today’s retirees have lots of energy and vitality. A retiree of 65 now comparable to maybe 40 years ago is incomparable, first of all, in life expectancy and therefore health. Have you considered how you could give your time, talents and testimony, in addition to your treasure?


Finding out more


I interviewed Lauren Janus of Thoughtful Philanthropy on episode 030 of The Retirement Café Podcast. If you’d like to hear her views on the future of philanthropic giving, click here.

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