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Boom!  – The New Age of Retirement and How The Baby Boomers Are Changing Everything

I am very excited to announce my collaboration with another Financial Planner to publish a book about Baby Boomers and their retirement.

Boom!  – The New Age of Retirement and How the Baby Boomers Are Changing Everything is the new book co-written by myself and Martin Bamford of Informed Choice in Cranleigh, Surrey.

Below is a short video explaining the background to the book.

The book explores the challenges raised by the four D’s of retirement – debt, divorce, disease and death – and deals with the misnomer that retirement is exclusively an economic event.

My Baby Boomer Book  Explodes Retirement Myths MFP Wealth ManagementThrough in-depth interviews with Baby Boomers and experts in this field, the book questions whether this generation will redefine this stage of their lives – as they have done time and time again – or whether retirement will redefine them.

Baby Boomers account for 20% of the British population and control a staggering 80% of all wealth. As they approach retirement in unprecedented numbers many are reaching the stark realisation that the lifestyle promise of retirement seems to be built largely on myths.

Our new book explodes these myths.

My Baby Boomer Book  Explodes Retirement Myths MFP Wealth ManagementMy collaboration with Martin as two Chartered Financial Planners passionate about bringing peace of mind to the retirement community began with the creation of the feature length documentary, Boom! Demographics are Destiny, which Martin wrote and  directed, and I acted as Executive Producer for the project.


My Baby Boomer Book  Explodes Retirement Myths MFP Wealth ManagementWe both assert that a meaningful retirement is worth planning for, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Acting as an antidote to the film, the book is full of practical advice guiding retirees through the minefield of planning for their retirement and coping with the unforeseen.


Book Launch

My Baby Boomer Book  Explodes Retirement Myths MFP Wealth ManagementAs the retirement capital of the UK where better to launch our book  than in Christchurch, Dorset.

The official launch will coincide with the screening of the Boom! feature length documentary at  Christchurch’s Regent Centre on Friday 28th November 2014, during Financial Planning Week.


You can purchase your tickets for our screening in Christchurch using this link.

Everyone who attends the screening will receive a free signed copy of the book, which will be available to pre-order shortly, so sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed.

Check out the video below to find out more about the Boom! documentary.

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