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As I write this blog I am spending a stimulating and thought-provoking week helping to train the next generation of financial life planners.

Assisting George Kinder train more Financial Life Planners MFP Wealth ManagementHaving studied with the undisputed ‘father’ of financial life planning, George Kinder, a few years ago and followed his Life Planning Mastery programme ever since, I was honoured to be asked by George to become the first British trainer to co-lead his 5 day financial life planning programme.

George was one of the first advisers to realise the importance of connecting with clients and discovering their passions, understanding what inspires a client before worrying about his or her risk tolerance or investment preferences.  Back in the 1990s this approach was truly ground breaking.  Today, George has just been recognised as one of ’15 transformational advisers’ by US-based Investment News.  A truly inspiring achievement.

Life planning at the heart of MFP’s approach

I wholeheartedly agree with George Kinder’s philosophy of how to provide great financial advice, to the extent that it’s fundamental to our approach at MFP.  It’s all about “helping clients use their finances to follow their dreams, as opposed to planning just to improve their finances”, as George Kinder puts it.

To have the opportunity to train other IFAs who appreciate the amazing benefits to clients of incorporating the financial life planning approach in to their businesses, by helping teach the intensive 5 day Kinder programme, is a real privilege. You can find out more about the Kinder Institute here

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