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All in the name of search and rescue MFP Wealth ManagementAll in the name of search and rescue. Howling winds, the whirring of helicopter blades, choppy waters – and in those conditions our lifeboat capsizes.  Then the lights go out and it’s pitch black, but we still have a casualty to rescue and now we need to right the lifeboat!

Fortunately this was only a training exercise.  But incredibly realistic, and quite dramatic!

These are the conditions in which I spent a week undergoing an advanced ‘ Search & Rescue Command’ course with the RNLI as part of my training on RNLI Mudeford’s In-shore Lifeboat.  The course was challenging but fascinating; the facilities at the RNLI’s training HQ in Poole are second to none – the sound of the helicopter blades whirring, of the winds howling and the waters breaking were simulated as our skills on righting a capsized lifeboat were tested in the training pool no less.

But believe me, it felt real!

Check out the video taken before the lights went out.

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