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The new BBC comedy ‘Boomers’ premièred last week providing a refreshing, dynamic portrayal of Baby Boomers in early retirement. The series follows the ups and downs of three ‘sixtysomething’ couples as they approach retirement from very different directions.

Throughout my research in to retirement and the Baby Boomer generation, I have discovered that opinions towards different aspects of retirement are varied.

The topic of funding for care is a split debate in the UK. There is a trend towards self-sufficiency in funding care costs, with the general feeling being that funding should be split between the state and the individual, according to a recent Mintel study of over 45s:


The book is progressing well and we have gathered some fantastic data and insights which I will share with you across the next few months. We are looking forward to the Boom! documentary screening and Boomer book launch on November 28th at the Regent Centre.

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